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ROSIER10 – Hidden gem at the edge of the city centre

So what are the things that you value most when it comes to a hotel or a bed & breakfast? For me it is mostly depending on the location and the kind of trip. If it is a citytrip than I find a sleeping spot more important than if I would be traveling and just passing through a town in a country like Vietnam or Madagascar. Not that I don’t like it to be clean than as well, but I don’t really care if the rest of the room falls apart at the seams. But on a city trip things are different. So what is important for me?

  1. Clean. That goes without saying I guess
  2. Good bed
  3. Location
  4. Breakfast
  5. O and let’s not forget the price!

So when I was in Antwerp in March of last year I didn’t know where I would be sleeping. Yes of course they told me the address and I knew how to get there but still; I was pleasantly surprised by the small yet elegant bed & breakfast Rosier10. First of all, the rooms are amazing. Each one has a different name and – nice touch – each room has a sign with your personal name on it. Owner Roxanne takes her time telling you where to go, gives tips for places to visit and fun things to do when in Antwerp.

My room Minuit

The b&b is located on the edge of the centre and it literally takes you three minutes to walk from your sleeping quarters to the hart of the city. Just outside the noisy streets and the crowds, but still close enough so you can do everything on foot. Now Antwerp is relatively small so doing everything by foot is not a biggie but still it is an added bonus in my book.

Fresh breakfast

The only minus I could find was the creaking floor in my room. I have no idea how much you hear when you’re in the room below me but it is an old building and that has it’s own characteristic sounds I guess…

Another bonus is that there are a few parking spots available if you make sure you reserve a spot before arriving. There are not a lot so make sure you do check. I know where I’ll be sleeping next time in Antwerp!

A room at Rosier10 is from € 120,=. (march 2015)

Bed & Breakfast Rosier 10
Rosier 10
2000 Antwerpen
+32/ (0)489 27 99 99
+32/ (0)3 345 46 36

Written by
Simone van den Berg

Reizen doet mijn hart sneller kloppen. Al sinds ik me kan herinneren wilde ik de wereld ontdekken en andere culturen ervaren. Sinds onze allereerste verre reis naar Mexico in 1997 ga ik graag buiten de grenzen van Europa, maar ook dichtbij is nog zoveel moois te ontdekken! Reizen combineren met lekker eten is voor mij de ultieme combinatie. Van al mijn reizen heb ik stapels 'logboeken'. Vandaar de naam Paper Travels.

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Written by Simone van den Berg