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There are places you enter and you immediately know that it’s good. That was the case when we arrived with our little group at Anna Hedworth of Cook House. Her little domain is build in two containers (I have no clue how it is build but it looked like two containers kind of merged together) and she build a little restaurant in it, which is perfect for parties, events, breakfast or lunch on certain days of the week.

Cook House, Newcastle |

Anna started out as a foodblogger (and she still does that on The Grazer) and she basically followed her passion for food and started her own business. She hasn’t started very long ago but I do think she will make it in her dreams! Her final goal is to have a ‘real’ restaurant, but to be honest: I totally liked the charm of her current spot and I wouldn’t give it up (even though the winter has some shortcomings as Anna told us. Frozen toilets to name just one… Isolation is a bitch in a container!)

Cook House Newcastle |

One thing is for sure and that is that her food will not be an issue in persuing her dreams, We had a really good meal. Just good home cooked meals with bags of flavor. The kind of food we all really want to eat, right?

Chicken from heaven
Chicken from heaven

That chicken… seriously the best chicken I have ever had and pairing it with those roasted potatoes with aioli… It’s been a while since but I get hungry just looking at those photos.


We ate our bellies round and finished the meal with a pannacotta (first picture in the row!) Are you in the area of Newcastle than I would not hesitate to call and check if she is pen. The opening schedule is on the site and you can also see it in the second photo. It’s a little outside of the city centre so you can’t get there by foot. So grab a taxi or – if you like walking – I’m sure there is a way to get there. No idea. It was quite a bit of a drive from Newcastle so I imagine it would be an ever longer hike.


Regardless I am sure I will be back some time next year. Absolutely recommended!

Cook House, Ouse Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PF | Grazer HQ

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Written by Simone van den Berg