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The Inn at cocoa Beach |

That feeling of home

Look, as far as I’m concerned a hotel should be comfortable. The bed being the most important aspect. All other things are a ‘nice to have. That’s the basics anyway. And of course you will like one hotel more than the other. You can have a fantastically comfortable bed, but if the rest of the room is filled with cockroaches it might become a whole lot less pleasant. During our road trip across Eastern USA we have had virtually all possible types of hotel room. Yes we also encountered a cockroach (and that happened in a 4 star hotel, but it’s impossible to keep the bugs on a leash so that happens…)

The Inn at Cocoa Beach |
The pool in the garden

The Inn at Cocoa Beach

We both agreed that The Inn at Cocoa beach was the ultimate hotel. It’s one of those rare hotels that make you feel straight at home as soon as you walk in the door. The mood, the extra’s, the attention… all combined it makes for a very special place. We even met a few people who literally come here every single year to celebrate their anniversary. It’s that kind of place.


Downstairs in the living room (“lobby” would be the wrong word here) you can find freshly baked cookies, ice tea, always a supply of coffee and, if you want, you can shake your own cocktail in the kitchen. Each afternoon you will find wine with cheese, fruit and crackers. Compliments of the house.

Want to shake your own cocktail in the kitchen?

And no, it isn’t a cheap hotel, but we thought it was a total party to stay here for two nights. We couldn’t afford any longer… Lol.. Just kidding: we’re just not really beach people so two days for us is long enough.

If you’re staying here you might want to go across the street to a bizarre surf shop that is open for 24 hours a day. Ron Jon’s surfshop. We don’t surf but having a look here is worth it (plus the airconditioning is nice on hot days!) Also great if you’re looking for a new bikini or bathing suit. Or a tshirt or a new fluffy toy… It’s all there.

I just had to rescue this little dog from the surf shop…


Breakfast can be enjoyed inside or outside in the large garden. You might be accompanied by one of the two parrots (well they don’t actually fly around) or one of the two dogs. The breakfast itself is fine. Not a hugely big buffet but there is freshly baked stuff and fresh fruit, coffee and bread.

The room itself is comfortable with a little balcony (with rocking chair!) There are different room types available. I had taken the cheapest one because well that price… And the US in general is pretty expensive.

We had sea view but I think most of the rooms have that. The sea is a bit further away though, there is a garden with swimming pool, a parking lot and some dunes in between. I think it must be roughly 100 meters but still a nice view to have.

We thought it was a great hotel and definitely a recommendation if you’re planning on going to Cocoa Beach  The Inn at Cocoa Beach

The room is comfortable but definitely not the most interesting part of the hotel.
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Written by Simone van den Berg