The ultimate chil factor – Fairmont hotel, Sanur, Bali

Fairmont hotel Bali |

Fairmont hotel

Ok, I do have to tell you upfront that this is possibly not a hotel everyone can afford. Even better, I am pretty sure it is way above budget for most. But I did want to give it a special mention here. Why? Well because it is a fantastic place of course! And let’s say you’re spending some time in Bali and you want to spoil yourself… a few nights in this beautiful place will certainly do the trick! A few nights is all you need to get back to your ultimate zen place.

Photo: Fairmont Hotel

From the moment you step into the reception area, are brought to your room (and it’s large so expect a bit of a walk) and than the room itself is the ultimate luxury feeling. The materials that are used, the decoration… everything is great. I can’t tell you anything else. The literally thought of everything, but of course that’s where that price tag is coming from. Luxury like this, does not come cheap. And let’s face it: there are plenty of other places in Bali that are possibly equally nice without the hefty price tag but I still think it is highly recommended. And I haven’t been to all those other places so can’t tell you about any of them. 🙂 The hotel is located at the beach but of course there is a swimming pool as well, so if you’re worried to get sand in your beach attire… you can always dive in the pool.

Fairmonth hotel |


The breakfast buffet in the morning is delicious and quite extensive. And despite the fact that the hotel is large and was fully booked when we were there, you don’t feel like a number here. And never do you feel it is a massive place. They’ve made sure to create private spaces throughout the resort where you can relax and pretend you’re the only guest. The service is fantastic and well, I am repeating myself.

Infinity pool. Photo Fairmont hotel


Bali surprised me anyway. I wasn’t too sure I was gonna like it as I had been there before but the vibe and scenery is out of this world beautiful. So Bali did steal my heart! More on that later!

Fairmont Hotel

Private pools
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Written by Simone van den Berg